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DeFuse App Prototype


Defuse is an app to remotely control your essential oil diffuser. This prototype explores the screen to device interaction.

Based on how you are feeling, and what oils you have loaded in your diffuser, the app helps you remotely select and diffuse an oil.

I began the iterative process of storyboarding and paper prototyping. I tested the interaction as I went and adapted the design and user flow accordingly.

Test the prototype for yourself here.

To transition from paper prototypes to digital, I scanned the sketches and added colour to signify hotspots and interaction. I used InVision to create a clickable prototype that I could test.

Transitioning to a higher fidelity prototype.

I tested a the prototype with an essential oil user. She was very familiar with oil diffusers and found the navigation simple and intuitive. I learned that certain screens I had intended to automatically redirect, or quickly confirm a function, needed to convey the message more clearly.

I created a simple stand-in prototype to act as the essential oil diffuser device being controlled by the app. For the prototype video I used After Effects to model the interactions.

This project remained in the prototyping stage, but was a valuable exploration of prototyping techniques.